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All-Pro and Military Makeover with Montel


All-Pro is excited to announce being chosen as the local independent Air Conditioning and Electrical contractor by Goodman® brand Air Conditioning and Heating for the upcoming production of 'Military Makeover with Montel' in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Bill Sylvia, President of All-Pro Electrical and Air Conditioning, is honored to have been chosen from the many Air Conditioning and Electrical companies here in South Florida.

"This really is a credit to us as a company and something that we are hugely proud of. We strive daily to be the 'best of the best' and Exceed Customer Expectations every day," said Bill.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to give back to a deserving veteran. Giving back seems all the more important during these unprecedented times. We are thankful to be able to to serve our community as essential workers during the pandemic.

We thank the brave men and women whose love of country and dedication to our freedom has earned them our undying gratitude and respect, and look forward to providing the HVAC and electrical install to this well-deserving veteran.

All-Pro Electrical and Air Conditioning

Donating the Electrical upgrades and the Air Conditioning installation

Goodman 'Made In The USA'

Donating the Air Conditioning System

SQUARE D by Schneider Electric

Donating Electrical Panels and Breakers

Military Makeover with Montel® offers hope and a helping hand here on the home front to members of our military and their loved ones. Airing on Lifetime® and on the American Forces Network, stay tuned for more details as All-Pro Electrical and Air Conditioning joins Military Makeover to change the living situation – and the life – of a deserving military family.

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Are You Concerned About Your Indoor Air Quality?


The Air Conditioning recirculates the air that we breathe around our homes.

Filters do relatively little to reduce the number of small particles you inhale, that’s because these particles tend to be in the air wherever there is human activity—and that’s not necessarily where your return registers and ductwork can capture them.

When the fan is not running the air is not being filtered.

The primary purpose of a filter is to protect the Air Conditioning equipment, not to improve indoor air quality, even though of course it does help and filters should be changed regularly.

Harmful bacteria and viruses can live up to a week in your living or workspace.

Contaminants like dust, pet dander, odors and gases from construction materials even the aerosol sprays that we use are all trapped inside of our living spaces.

After years of research exciting new technologies are now available that can dramatically improve the quality of the air that your family breathe.

Installed in your Air Conditioning system, the friendly scrubbers of an Air Purifier seek out and destroy germs as well as the ones living on the surfaces of your home.

Particularly helpful for children, the elderly and anyone with allergies or respiratory issues.

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Dust Free’s proprietary air purification technology


Dust Free’s proprietary air purification technology was tested for efficacy at reducing SARS-COV-2 by the University of Milan in Milan, Italy on September 11, 2020.

The test was conducted within the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences and supervised by Davide Mileto, a Microbiologist with the University of Milan Lugi Sacco Hospital. The study results show Dust Free’s proprietary Active Technology to be effective in reducing the SARS-COVID-2 virus.

The test results show a 99.7% reduction of the SARS-COVID-2 virus within 20 minutes and prove the Dust Free technology as a viable solution to help reduce SARS-COVID-2.

About Dust Free® Active Air Purifiers

The Dust Free® Active Air Purifier’s unique technologies target air quality problems at the source, such as dust, dander, germs, volatile organic compounds, allergens, odors and more. Installed into the supply plenum of your HVAC system, the Dust Free® Active in-duct air purifier’s environmentally-friendly oxidizers and ionization system safely and effectively purifies the air in your home.

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Forgetting To Change Your Filter Puts A Strain On Your Air Conditioning And Can Shorten Its Lifetime!


80% of breakdowns are as a result of a dirty filter

Wet, dark conditions provide the perfect environment for the growth of microorganisms.The slime grows quickly, left untreated multiple issues are quickly created as bacteria loves dust! As dirt accumulates on the filter, air can't pass, the motor has to work harder.As the slime grows it will completely block the condensate line, causing the pan to overflow and the air conditioning will break down.

Dirty air filters affect the air quality and can exacerbate symptoms if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. If you have a pet, dander accumulates in the system and then spreads allergens throughout the household. White slime will be found in in the drain line, evaporator pan and condensate pump.


Here's what happens when you don't change your filters regularly, this is the Slime that we remove from units every day.

Change your filters regularly, simple, yet effective !

All-Pro recommend checking your filters every month, replace them if needed. You will breathe the difference and avoid breakdowns.

Schedule regular maintenance to keep the slime away!

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Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fresh-Aire UV has been providing UV system recommendations for residential, educational, commercial and healthcare facilities.

Fresh-Aire UV, a world-leader in HVAC ultraviolet disinfection systems, has successfully completed phase-1 third-party testing of their residential, commercial, and healthcare products for effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19 disease). In the test report titled “SARS-CoV-2 Neutralization by Germicidal UV Light System from FreshAire UV” the systems delivered greater than 4-log inactivation (>99.99%) on the SARS-CoV-2 virus within 0-2 seconds of exposure to Fresh-Aire UV UVC 254nm light systems.

According to Aaron Engel, Vice-President of Business Development at Fresh-Aire UV: “Fresh-Aire UV has been manufacturing proprietary germicidal UV systems for 20 years, and with everything we know about the SARS-CoV-2 virus combined with our testing experience, we were confident our systems would be very effective at inactivating the virus. We now have independent verification of the successful inactivation of the SARS COVID-19 virus and an even better understanding of how well our disinfection systems perform within the HVAC system, duct work and on surfaces. We are thrilled.”

Fresh-Aire UV is recognized the world over as a leader in the areas of UV light disinfection and indoor air quality. Our products reduce indoor air pollution, sterilize viruses, bacteria, and mold, neutralize odors and VOCs, and provide chemical-free air and surface disinfection. Fresh-Aire UV is the innovation leader with numerous patents and industry awards, including the AHR Innovation Award for Indoor Air Quality for 2011 and 2020.

Fresh-Aire UV systems are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Fresh-Aire UV systems have been tested on SARS-CoV-2, isolate USA-WA1/2020.

Click here to download the flyer

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Save on Your Energy Bills....and Blame Us!


Simple Yet Effective Tips to Prolong The Life Of Your Air Conditioning System

The most common cause of a breakdown is because of a dirty filter!

As dirt accumulates on the filter, air can't pass, the motor then has to work harder, this can result in higher bills, costly repairs or even a replacement unit if it's older.\

Dirty filters affect the air quality, if any of your family suffer from allergies or asthma they can exacerbate the symptoms. If you have a pet, dander accumulates in the system and then spreads allergens throughout the house. Changing the filter regularly is simple yet effective

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like a car, your Air Conditioning needs regular maintenance to run efficiently.

Regular maintenance ensures that your units are running at their peak performance. All-Pro provides a genuine 33 point performance test. Benefit from fewer expensive and inconvenient breakdowns by scheduling
an Air Conditioning Tune Up

Did You Know?

During the hot humid summer months it is normal for your Air Conditioning system to drain up to 30 gallons of water outside of your house per day.

As your Air Conditioning is cooling your home it is also dehumidifying, humidity is the water vapor in the air, your Air Conditioning pulls the water out of the humid air and dispels it outside.

Some systems require the addition of an extra pump to help pump the water out, especially when there could be sediment in underground piping.

Your All-Pro technician will offer his recommendations during his maintenance visit

Why you shouldn't set your thermostat above 78 degrees

As previously mentioned your Air Conditioning cools and dehumidifies the air, setting your thermostat above 78 degrees may save energy as the system is running less but it won't be running enough to reduce the humidity.

Warm humid conditions are the breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Mold can cause damage to your home, your Air Conditioning system, particularly the coils and can cause serious health issues.

Mold spores can cause allergic reactions, coughing, throat irritation and upper respiratory symptoms.

Click this link for more information on improving your Indoor Air Quality

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Always Hire a Licensed Contractor


All-Pro Electrical and Air Conditioning is licensed and insured. You can trust All-Pro to perform top quality work, and we will stand behind it!

Unfortunately many people think they can save money by using unlicensed contractors.

Dangers of Hiring Unlicensed Contractors

Fines for the homeowner: Hiring an unlicensed contractor is a violation of Florida Statute 455.228 which can result in a civil penalty of up to $5,000 for the home or business owner, and you could be liable for the court costs on top of that.

Also, if an unlicensed contractor files bankruptcy or skips out while working on your home or business, you are responsible for all fines, unpaid bills to suppliers, and for the wages of employees who worked for the unlicensed contractor.

Poor qualifications: Unlicensed individuals have not demonstrated the education, insurance, or qualification required of a licensed contractor. This can leave you with poor quality work or unfinished projects, which means that you could spend more money hiring another contractor to repair or finish the project.

Possible criminal background: Unlicensed individuals frequently have criminal backgrounds that may include fraud, theft, violent crime, sexual offenses, and substance abuse.

Likelihood of becoming the victim of a scam: Unlicensed individuals often disappear after taking your money, leaving you with very few options to help you get your money back or your work completed.

No coverage under homeowner’s policy: Homeowner's insurance does not cover unlicensed contractors so the homeowner is held responsible for hiring an unlicensed contractor and is therefore accountable for any work associated with the contractor. If an unlicensed contractor's carelessness leads to injury or damage to you or your neighbor’s property, you will be held accountable.

Noncompliance with building codes: Most projects, even small ones, require permits and inspections that unlicensed contractors ignore or are unfamiliar with. If your project isn't permitted or doesn’t comply with the building code, you may have to remove or repair the work at your own expense and be subject to fines by local government.

Voided warranties: Installations performed by an unlicensed contractor void the manufacturer's warranty so you could be spending thousands of dollars on a unit that is not covered if it fails.

Hiring an unlicensed contractor is not worth the risk!

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Do You Have One Of These Signs In Your Yard?


All-Pro and their customers are doing everything possible to ensure the health and safety of their friends and family by improving the 'Quality Of Air That They Breathe'

Proudly displaying their sign that says 'we are doing our part' in making your safety a priority when entering our home or business.


UVC Light disinfection is widely used in hospitals and laboratories to sanitize instruments and work surfaces. Millions of facilities including healthcare centers, residential homes, airports, airplanes, subways and buses, around the world use UVC light to prevent the spread of potentially lethal airborne diseases.

UVC Light is a chemical free means of purification, it's popularity is growing worldwide by the day, it's ability to disrupt the DNA of microorganisms, preventing them from reproducing, thereby effectively killing them is a proven means of attack.


Our homes and businesses often have hurricane impact windows and are built to be energy efficient, so efficient that the airborne bacteria and viruses have nowhere to go, the contaminated air is recirculated by the Air Conditioning system and the air that we breathe puts us, our family, friends and colleagues at risk.

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Covid-19, Is It or Isn't It Airborne?

july 2020 indoor air quality blog

Currently scientists are addressing that very question, Is the Corona Virus Airborne?

Meanwhile, let's stick with the facts, prevention and protection. What can we do other than better ventilation, regular hand washing and wearing a mask? We do know that UVC light is proven to kill viruses within 24 hours after the initial installation and that the Air Purifiers that All-Pro stand behind are proven effective in reducing contaminants in the air and on surfaces in every room throughout your home or business including areas that have reduced air flow. Not specifically tested against coronavirus but tested and proven effective against similar pathogens, some that require an even greater dosage for inactivation than coronavirus.

Help to Protect your family and friends from a virus that maybe floating indoors for less that the price of your daily coffee

Join other satisfied customers that have instantly improved their indoor air quality by installing a UVC light and an Air Purifier inside their homes and businesses.


Reduce your exposure and risk of breathing in contaminated air  Without purification airborne bacteria and viruses will simply re circulate

APCO X 1a blog

This unique purification process safely destroys pollutants that have not passed directly through the AC system. Works 24/7

In the news

An outbreak of (Covid-19) affected 10 people from 3 families who had eaten at the same air-conditioned restaurant in Guangzhou, China.

After investigation it was concluded that the most likely cause of this outbreak was droplet transmission.

Strong airflow from the air conditioner could have propagated the droplet.

Click here to read the article:

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is going to be using UVC Lamps to disinfect New York City’s subways and buses**

Click here to read the article:

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Surge Protection and Hurricane Season

Surge Protection and Hurricane Season Surge Protection and Hurricane Season

Power outages and electrical surges are par for the course during hurricane season.

But your sensitive electronics, expensive home entertainment components, and central air conditioning unit don’t have to become casualties of mother nature’s wrath with a whole-house surge protector.

Typically, power flows through the wiring in your home at a constant level of 110 or 220 volts. A power surge is a sudden burst of current that can push thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of volts through your electrical lines and anything that is plugged into an outlet. All this extra power can melt electrical lines, burn insulation, and destroy valuable electronics and appliances.

The three most likely causes are power spikes within the home, these can usually be traced back to larger appliances like your HVAC system or refrigerator, lightning, and disruptions in the electrical grid. Regardless of the cause, effective surge protection can save you thousands of dollars.

You probably already have your computer and a few other electronics plugged into a power strip that doubles as a surge protector, but what about your washing machine, HVAC system, and water heater?

With whole-house surge protection, you don’t have to worry about unprotected electrical outlets because the surge protector is wired directly to the electrical panel so it’s ready to spring into as soon as excess voltage tries to make its way through your electrical system. A whole–house surge protector shields the electrical system itself by preventing the over-voltage from reaching your outlets.

If your hurricane preparedness plan doesn’t include a whole-house surge protector, call All-Pro Electrical and Air Conditioning at (561) 988-0460 today. We’ll evaluate your existing electrical system to ensure that your home is outfitted with the perfect whole–house surge protector for your needs.

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Reduce your risk of exposure with the facts


There is no escaping the fact that we are facing a formidable enemy.

One that is invisible to the naked eye but whose effects can be clearly seen and felt. A strain of the coronavirus, known as COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees.

To an extent, we are helpless in its destructive path. Despite this, there are actions you can take to protect yourself and your family: wash hands regularly (and properly), maintain social distancing and disinfect surfaces.
But you can take further actions to reduce your risk to exposure to germs overall. You can trust and believe in the proven, tested science of the Germ Killing Power Of UVC Light.

  •  Used in millions of Facilities, Healthcare Centers, Schools and Residential Homes around the world.
  •  Chemical free disinfection, safe and effective.
  •  Kills over 99% of airborne mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens, 24 hours after it's first use.
  •  Tested to achieve up to a *99.999% reduction on microorganisms.
  •  Exposure to ultraviolet light in the range of 254 NM (UV-C band) disrupts the DNA of microorganisms thus preventing them from reproducing, thereby effectively killing them.
  •  Blue-Tube UVC is installed in the central air system where it works continuously to fight mold and other biological contaminants in the air and on HVAC system interior surfaces, particularly the cooling coil and maintains a clean drain pan.
  •  Not specifically tested against coronavirus but tested and proven effective against similar pathogens, some that require an even greater dosage for inactivation than coronavirus.

Air Purifiers

An air purifier will not guarantee protection from the dreaded COVID-19. It will, however, reduce the germs that your body has to battle. Consider a whole house purifier to reap the maximum benefits for your whole family.

  •  Works 24/7 Installed in the supply plenum of the HVAC system.
  •  Proven effective in reducing contaminants in the air and on surfaces in every room, including areas that have reduced airflow.
  •  UVC disinfection systems for room, surface & HVAC are an ideal proactive measure to complement filtration.
  •  Microorganisms, particularly viruses, are so small that filters are mostly ineffective.

Don't miss out on our june 2020 offer

Free 2 year bulb uvc light with the purchase of an an air purifier during june 2020

12 month easy pay option interest free $84.92 monthly

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When it comes to Air Purification, what works and what doesn’t?

Air Purification

Whether you’re dealing with the COVID-19, cold and flu season, seasonal allergies or just everyday life, improving your indoor air quality is always a good idea.

With talk of coronavirus blanketing the airwaves and so many companies claiming to have special filters and air purifiers that can kill the virus, it’s no wonder we’ve received so many calls and emails from customers looking to protect their families and employees from this scary new illness, so we wanted to pass along some information to help you separate the signal from the noise.

Let’s start with the basics, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It may be possible to get COVID-19 by touching a surface that has the virus on it, then touching your mouth, nose or eyes, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.

Noting that airborne particles play a significant role in the spread of the disease, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has released proactive guidance that addresses COVID-19 concerns with respect to the operation and maintenance of HVAC systems.

Viruses, like COVID-19, are much smaller than bacteria (roughly 100 times smaller) and other pollutants like pollen and pet dander which are the primary source of poor indoor air quality. This means that a standard HEPA filter will not remove viruses from the air. Some air purifiers can capture viruses, but they won’t destroy them so the virus will remain alive inside the filter for as long as the virus survives.

Unlike HEPA filters and traditional air purifiers, UV air purifiers installed in the HVAC system can achieve up to 99.999996% reduction on microorganisms. In fact, a very large percentage of microorganisms, including coronavirus, already have a defined UV microwatt dose for inactivation

UV air purifiers use a germicidal UV light to bathe an area of the ventilation system with high–frequency ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation causes cellular disruption to any organic material moving through the ductwork, destroying its DNA and either killing the cell or rendering it inert and harmless. This process leaves behind no chemical residue and offers no danger to humans.

All-Pro Electrical & Air Conditioning, offers a variety of indoor air quality products including the APCO® whole-house air purifier which uses activated carbon and germ-killing UV-C light to remove odors, chemicals, and biological contaminants for the lifetime of your air system.

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I like that you mentioned how particles in the air are significantly responsible for spreading diseases. My boss recently mentione... Read More
Tuesday, 04 August 2020 14:37
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We are here to help

We are here to help

We are here to help you during this difficult time.

Whether you are a current customer or a future customer, we are here for you.

If you are in need of a filter for your Air Conditioning system, we would like to deliver or install one for you free of charge.

Just contact us to schedule an appointment for delivery or installation. We are here to keep you cool!

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Did you know that HVAC dealers are considered essential?

blog abstract digital background zyoj dud

The events of the past days and weeks concerning the Coronavirus have been pretty unsettling and our HVAC team wants to do our part in keeping your community healthy and safe.

Did you know that HVAC dealers are considered essential? So our business will remain open so that we can continue to assist our community.

Your health, the health of your family, community, and our team members are our top priority. As a result of this pandemic, we will be closely following the recommendations of the CDC.

When you contact us for heating and air conditioning service, we’ll be asking about your health and the health of your family.

If entering your home is appropriate, we have developed new procedures for contact-free visits. Our technicians will wear disposable gloves, we’ll be mindful of maintaining a suggested 6-foot distance from you and your family members, and wear masks upon request and availability.

We care deeply about your health, the health of our community, and our service technicians so let’s make an agreement to protect your family as well as ours.

If we have a service technician who is not feeling well or anyone in their family who is not feeling well, then they won’t be working. In return, we ask that if you or anyone in your home is not feeling well, just let us know so we can reschedule the visit for a time when everyone is feeling better.

Our business is built on 4 pillars: Safety, Comfort, Health, and Energy Efficiency.

Right now, in our community, Health is at the forefront. Please be assured that we are here for you.

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FREE DURING APRIL - 10 Years of Worry Free Comfort!

product mast 117

Install a New or Replacement 'All-Pro Series' Air Conditioning System During April and we will include a FREE Air Purifier AND a 10 Year Labor Warranty!

*Continue to maintain your system with any licensed installer and you're covered*

Trust All-Pro to provide an honest, professional and refreshingly affordable estimate, designed by experienced qualified technicians.

An Air Conditioning system recirculates the air.

Without air purification, airborne bacteria and viruses will simply recirculate around the home as they have nowhere to escape. Safe and effective, the device sterilizes your HVAC system and reduces biological contaminants at the source. Even when your system isn't running.

The air in our home may contain millions of particulates.

Most of which are so small that they are impossible to see. It takes a product, or several; products, that can offer filtration, purification, and sterilization to truly provide totally clean air.

THE DUST FREE® ACTIVE AIR PURIFIER supports all three levels of the clean air strategy

Filtration - Removes large symptom causing dust, pollen, mold, and dander. The DF® Active improves the performance of existing filtration systems.

Purification - Total home active air purification using next generation technologies to neutralize indoor air pollutants such as odors, VOCs, and bacteria.

Sterilization - Sterilizes your HVAC system and reduces biological contaminants at the source. Even when your HVAC system isn’t running.

Why clean air in your home is important

Our lives are not static. Neither is the air quality in our homes. It is always changing. Some hours, weeks, and months, our air is worse than others. Whether caused by cold or flu, cooking, cleaning, or a remodel project, at some point, exposure to bad air will affect every occupant in our home.

A 2018 American Lung Association study says that 141.1 million Americans live in areas with unhealthy levels of particulate in the air. Meaning that 2 out of every 5 Americans are breathing polluted air.
But the study focuses on outdoor air and particulate levels only. The study does not include indoor pollutants which regularly infiltrate our homes.

When you add chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants to the mix, that number of 2 in 5 Americans breathing bad air can potentially grow.

DUST FREE®’S ACTIVE AIR PURIFIER utilizes ionic oxidation technology plus negative ionization to target poor indoor air quality in the home.

  • Dual active air purification technologies provide a complete IAQ solution for your home.
  • Reduces particulate matter such as dust and dander by improving the performance of your existing filtration system.
  • Innovative carbon fiber brushes increase ion production.
  • Effective against biological growth, bacteria, odors, VOC’s, and more, in the air and on surfaces.
  • Expanded range ballast for increased electrical reliability.
  • Auxiliary power port to power an additional 24V Germicidal UV-C light allowing to easily add an additional UV light to any HVAC system.

The Micropure Active Air Purifier utilizes Ionic oxidation to eliminate pollutants in the air and on surfaces.

  • Unique air purification process even cleans air that doesn’t pass through the HVAC system.
  • Eliminates bacteria, mold, viruses, mildew, smoke, odors, VOC’s, and more.
  • Installs in any HVAC system.
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Happy loving dad piggybacking little daughter playing with family at home, smiling parents carrying kids on back, children boy and girl having fun together enjoying ride during active game on weekend

We Are An Essential Business And Ready To Serve You!

Dear Valued Customer,

We want you to know that we take your health and the well-being of our community and associates very seriously. Like you, we're closely monitoring the quickly developing effects of the Coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic.

We are an essential business, ready to serve you. Respecting the fact that we should measure carefully our contact with others, we still need to be sure the Electrical and Air Conditioning systems in our homes and buildings are functioning properly. We are working hard to ensure we have no interruptions in our ability to meet your requirements. All of our employees are practicing social distancing and we monitor our own health. All-Pro technicians are responsible and we aim to continue exceeding your expectations everyday.

Before we come to your home, here are some things you as the homeowner can do to limit (or in some cases eliminate) the need for us to come into the home. While it is not possible to cover all applications, there are many situations where with your help we can do a tune up or maintenance, even some repairs, from outside the home.


Homeowner Checklist

The most common reason for a breakdown is because of a dirty filter

It should start to feel cold 10-15 minutes after operation

Does the outside condenser look clogged with dust?
Turn of the power to the HVAC system, hose down the condenser to clean the fins of debris with a standard garden hose and vacuum out the drainpipe with a shop vac.

Verify that the breaker is on to the AC Unit - If the panel is outside the technician will check it.

Make sure the batteries are new in the thermostat

Check that all the vents are open and have good airflow

This could be the time to ask us to resolve any outside issues that you have been putting off.

**As additional preventative measures, we are going paperless-no need to sign anything**


Indoor Air Quality Additional Benefits - We have offered these products for over a decade.

UVC light Installed in the HVAC System. Kills over 99% of viruses, bacteria, airborne mold and allergens after the first 24 hours of use. They have not been tested against Coronavirus but have been tested against other biological targets that require a higher UV dosage than Coronavirus

Air Purifiers - These certainly go a long way in helping to set up a healthy home.

An Air Purification system that works 24/7 - Proven effective in reducing contaminants in the air and on surfaces in every room throughout the home including areas that have reduced air flow.

No matter if you have a maintenance scheduled, need a tune-up, or electrical issues, we are ready to help. Thank you for your continued patronage in this trying time. We will do everything in our power to keep your home comfortable! Keep Safe!

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All-Pro Takes On Coronavirus

apco blog

UV disinfection technology is well understood. For over a century scientists have known about the germ killing properties of UVC Light. Used in millions of facilities, Healthcare Centers, Schools and Residential Homes UVC Light is the single most popular germicidal product in the world.

Fresh-Aire UV Systems are tested and validated against bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus.

Installed in the HVAC unit they are designed to disinfect the air as it circulates through the ventilation system and destroy contaminants on surfaces.

Proven to keep the coil inside the Air Handler free of mold and maintains a clean drain pan.

Fresh-Aire UV systems have been tested to achieve up to 99.999996% reduction on microorganisms. Chemical Free disinfection, safe and effective.

A very large percentage of microorganisms have an already defined mocrowatt dose for UV inactivation including Coronavirus.

Fresh-Aire UV Systems have not been tested against Coronavirus, but have been tested against other biological targets that require a higher UV dosage than Coronavirus.

Thorough hand washing, regular filter changes, HVAC Maintenance and a Whole Home Purifier are proven to make a difference when tackling viruses and improving your Air Quality.

Call 561 988 0460 For further information or Schedule an appointment online

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Keep the Flu Away With Your HVAC System


It's the Cold and Flu season

You can reduce your chance of getting sick by frequent hand washing, proper diet, exercise and lots of rest. Controlling your indoor environment will also impact the chances of you falling ill this flu season and your HVAC system plays a critical role in keeping your home’s conditions just right.

Keep your air fresh

Change your filters regularly - Dirty filters effect the air quality.

Cleaner air means less severe symptoms, a quicker recovery and a smaller chance of getting sick in the first place. Dirty filters can exacerbate symptoms if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. If you have a pet, dander accumulates in the system and then spreads allergens throughout the household.

Change your filters regularly and your'll breathe the difference

Whole Home Air Purification

It works even when your system is off!  An Air Purification system that works 24/7 - Destroys pollutants that have not passed directly through the HVAC system and is proven effective in reducing contaminants in the air and on surfaces in every room throughout the home including areas that have reduced air flow, We have Air Purifiers that come complete with a UV Light.

The Germ Killing Power of UV-C Light

Kills over 99% of Airborne Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Allergens After the first 24 Hours of Use.  Proven to keep the coil inside the Air Handler free of mold, maintains a clean drain pan, destroys bacteria and viruses. Chemical free disinfection, safe and effective.  Moldy coils also waste energy and shorten the lifespan of the system.


valentines day


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'Smart Thermostat'... 'Smart Choice'

All pro 2019

Smart comfort

Nest Thermostats learn your patterns from your behavior instead of being programmed. This means that instead of constantly tweaking the thermostat because you're too hot or cold, the adjustments are carried out to maintain your comfort levels.

Better performance from HVAC equipment

Nest thermostats allow your HVAC equipment to work at optimum efficiency and to reduce the time they run at full capacity. Overall this extends their lifespan and saves on energy and maintenance.

Reduced energy use

The energy report is one tool that helps you save energy by allowing you to change habits. It has the ability to use your patterns to know when to reduce heating and cooling while you're away or asleep. This setback function saves you energy while you go about your daily routine.

Remote monitoring in case of equipment failure

If you're away for the holidays and your HVAC system fails, you don't have to wait until you return home to find out. Remote access to your thermostat allows you to see if anything goes wrong so you can take steps to prevent a major disaster.

Cost savings

When you combine lower energy consumption, improved equipment performance and reduced maintenance, you have a recipe for cost savings.

10 Years of WORRY FREE comfort with a NEW or REPLACEMENT
All-Pro Series Air Conditioining Unit - 10 YEAR PARTS & LABOR WARRANTY
Solve your comfort problems, reduce your energy use and with regular maintenance we promise uninterupted operation, installed by experts.
*12 months free maintenance included*



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Happy Thanksgiving from Team All-Pro


Giving thanks for good health is always an appreciation.

Lets' try to reduce bacteria and viruses spreading during this holiday season and do our best to keep you and your loved ones healthier.

WE CAN make a difference in your home and business With Whole Home Air Purification.

Did you know? Air Conditioning systems recirculate the air and even if you keep on top of your Filter Changes and Maintenance unwanted particles remain. An incredible 99% of airborne particles are invisible to the naked eye.


Viruses and bacteria

Without air purification, airborne bacteria and viruses will simply re circulate around the home, they have nowhere to escape. Residents will breathe in the contaminated air and are at a high risk of catching a cold or flu virus. While viruses aren't considered allergens, nothing is worse than having allergy symptoms and another illness at the same time. Dirty HVAC coils are also ideal breeding grounds for microbes, increasing your family's exposure. 

Dust mites

These microscopic arachnids are nearly invisible to the naked eye, but they are responsible for allergy symptoms like sneezing, congestion and coughing. Asthma is also connected to the unwanted presence of these tiny creatures.

Pet dander

Pets shed dead skin cells just like we do. This is known as pet dander and because of its small, sometimes microscopic size, it remains suspended in the air and accumulates in the home and settles on surfaces. Do you have a pet allergy that won’t clear up, even with extra cleaning? 

All-Pro recommend 'Active Air Purification'

  • Safe and effective, the device is installed into your existing HVAC system and works even when your system isn't running.
  • It actively seeks out and removes dust, dander, VOC's, germs, odors and allergens in the air, even on surfaces. Allergen Removal.
  • Targets Air Quality Problems at the source using environmentally friendly oxidizers and a negative ionization system.
  • It has a built in UV Light that keeps the coil in the Air Handler free of mold, maintains a clean drain pan, destroys bacteria and viruses.

Feel Healthier and Start Breathing Clean Air Today Call 561 988 0460


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