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Duct Testing in Boca Raton, FL by All-Pro Electrical & Air Conditioning

It’s important for the efficiency of your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, as well as for its indoor air quality, that the ductwork maintains an airtight seal. Leaks of any size along the ducts and at connection points will cause a decline in pressure inside the ventilation shafts, and this in turn will drastically affect the performance of the heater and air conditioner. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR program, air leaks in ductwork can account for a loss of 20% to 30% of the energy that would otherwise go to heating and cooling rooms. These gaps in the ducts also permit dust and other contamination to infiltrate the ductwork and billow into the air people in a household breathe.

Duct testing from professionals with the right training and advanced equipment can determine if your home’s ductwork needs repairs. After testing, you will have a solid idea of the integrity of your ducts, and the professionals can zero in on the sealing work necessary to make them airtight once again. If you live in the Boca Raton, FL area, you can contact All-Pro Electrical & Air Conditioning to schedule duct testing. We also provide the duct sealing work that will restore damaged ducts to their best condition.

To arrange for duct testing in Boca Raton, FL and the surrounding areas, call the specialists at All-Pro Electrical & Air Conditioning.

When Should I Have Duct Testing Done?

Even if you have no reason to suspect that there are issues with the integrity of your ducts, you should probably schedule testing every few years. Some of the warning signs of leaking air ducts are difficult to notice; taking this precaution every few years will reassure you that your ducts will stay in their best shape.

Should you notice any of the warning signs that your ducts have leaks and damage, you need to schedule the testing as soon as possible. Here are a few of the more common indicators of ducts losing air pressure:

A drop in airflow from the vents.
Odd smells coming from the vents, usually musty and moldy.
A sharp climb in heating and cooling bills when the HVAC system is running on a regular basis.
Rattling sounds from the ductwork when the blower fan is on.
Larger amounts of dust gathering around your house.

Any of these above can point toward ductwork problems, and testing will find out how extensive the issues are.

What Does Duct Testing Involve?

To test the integrity of the ducts in a home, professionals use special power vacuum equipment to alter the pressure inside the ducts. They first close off all the registers to create a sealed environment within the ventilation system, and then attach the vacuum to the point where the ducts exit the heater and AC cabinet. The vacuum increases the pressure inside the ducts, and the technicians monitor the level with gauges. The speed at which the interior pressure drops indicates the amount of air leaks inside the system.

Let Us Take Care of Duct Testing for Your Home

If you have never had testing done for your ducts, now is the time to call us to do the job. And if you think your ducts are costing you more to run your HVAC system, now is absolutely the time to call us for duct testing. Rely on the team at All-Pro Electrical & Air Conditioning to get your ducts back in shape.

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